Palácio do Bolhão - Auditório
A tale of 'gender & sexual politics': from performance to hip-hop

Digital media and its tools have opened new windows of possibilities for artistic reinvention. Are these sufficiently effective for self affirmation in sexual and, more broadly, identity terms? Can they have an effective impact on today's social normative structures?

Mykki Blanco (born Michael David Quattlebaum Jr) is a writer, activist and performing artist that has been challenging binary notions of gender and identity through her artistic work. In this conversation with the curator Stanley Schtinter, she will address emerging as transgender/genderqueer in both her private and artistic life, creating music and the conceptual punk poetry that would be the foundation of her performance practice. Beginning as a purely digital identity on the internet and in video art, Mykki Blanco will explain how the digital culture have been integral to her success, reviewing the homophobia and discrimination she experienced as an openly genderqueer artist, as well as issues of colourism, transphobia, and coming out as HIV positive.

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