Rivoli – Palco do Grande Auditório

Chaired by

Chus Martínez

The work of multi-award-winning artist Wu Tsang frequently combines documentary and fiction to discuss issues of gender and ethnicity, portraying a sometimes elusive world, centred on queer and trans culture. In this performative artist talk, Tsang will discuss the need to explore hidden histories and marginalised narratives, such as her latest film One Emerging from a Point of View, focusing on the migrant crisis, that was developed in collaboration with the protagonists – a young transgender refugee and a photojournalist. The media, especially in Europe, have given enormous coverage to this subject in recent years, but always from a Western perspective, in which the migrant has no voice or individual identity. Can art reverse this crisis of representation?

Wu Tsang uses the collaboration and fusion of artistic practices (performance, installation and visual arts) as a strategy of access to what she calls in-betweenness, an intermediate state where Tsang consciously deposits gestures, words and voices of others, enhancing multiple perspectives. In One Emerging from a Point of View, set on the Greek island of Lesvos, Tsang uses two overlapping projections to reimagine parallel narratives and create a story about the island and the phenomenon of migration where times and spaces blend. In conversation with Chus Martínez, curator, art historian, writer and director of the Art Institute of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Tsang will explain how she situates herself between the ‘crisis of image’ and the 'image of crisis’, in an ongoing investigation of a “third” space of visual entanglement that is created by the overlap, and how she uses choreography to interrogate the camera.