Rivoli - Grande Auditório
I - Eva Franch
Histories and Futures / Power and Alterity
II - "David"
Guan Xiao
III - Pankaj Mishra
Thinking about Asia in the post-Western age

Chaired by 

Nick Axel

​ , 

Gareth Evans


The closing session of the Forum, organized across three acts, will cover the theme of “ruins” and the reconstruction of history, from West to East. How can we understand the lessons that different cultures have produced since Antiquity and throughout history, and refocus our relentless spirit of change to better address our challenges and desires? As builders, the most fundamental contribution that architects offer to society is to help articulate where we as a society want to go. The architect and curator, Eva Franch, current Director of the Architectural Association in London, will talk with Nick Axel, Deputy Editor of e-flux architecture, about how it is essential to understand the politics of aesthetics and the emotional and cultural constructions behind everything we do and want for the creation of a new space of convergence and understanding. After Hidden Track, screened in the opening session of the Forum, we will present Guan Xiao’s David, about Michelangelo’s famous sculpture. The film, presented in the last Venice Biennale, reflects on the socioeconomic “recycling” of classical iconography. The multi-award-winning essayist and novelist, Pankaj Mishra, will close the session with a debate, moderated by Gareth Evans, on the need to overhaul our understanding of the world and to reexamine the categories that determine it, given that the history of the West, born during Classical Antiquity, has continually ignored and erased the achievements of other civilisations. How accurate is the Western geopolitical narrative? The stock of categories and generalisations based on the history of Europe have to be refurbished, and the experiences of other societies and cultures reckoned with.

Simultaneous interpretation