Rivoli – Palco do Grande Auditório
Conservation in changing Africa

Chaired by

Filipa Ramos

Fiesta Warinwa grew up in Equatoria, a region of South Sudan, whose abundant wildlife was devastated during the Civil War. This made her realise the urgent need for environmental preservation, and she, therefore, began to study wildlife management and conservation. With a truly unique track record, she began her career as an intern at the African Wildlife Foundation and is now its Director of Policy Engagement. At Fórum do Futuro, she will talk about the urgent need for conservation in a changing Africa, where currently the biggest threats to its wildlife, resulting from a rapidly growing population and economic aspirations, are unplanned agriculture, development of infrastructures, and extraction of natural resources. The situation is aggravated by externalities, such as illegal wildlife trade and climate change. How can we ensure successful conservation? Is this contradictory to the continent’s economic development?

The solution will depend on real changes on the ground, within government and in public perception. It is necessary to redefine the understanding of prosperity on the continent to include wildlife and wildlands. In conversation with Filipa Ramos, Editor-in-Chief of art-agenda (e-flux) and curator of this edition of Fórum do Futuro, Warinwa will present innovative approaches involving investors, policymakers, and development agencies to draw up mechanisms that ensure protection of biodiversity and sustainable development, enabling the African continent to capitalise on opportunities in the sector that support conservation, while at the same time contributing to the continent’s development.