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From Earth as Mother to Earth as Lover

Not everything is bad news. While it is true that we must be increasingly concerned about the future of Planet Earth and its inhabitants, it’s also true that ecological awareness has spread throughout the globe and spawned countless missions for protection of the Earth, the mother of all nature. But what happens when we stop seeing the Earth as a mother and instead see it as a lover?

The artistic and multidisciplinary duo, Pony Express, formed by Ian Sinclair (1987, Australia) and Loren Kronemyer (1988, USA), will explain what it means to harbour sexually desire for our planet. In their performances they create alternative immersive realities that engulf participants in sensory experiences with the ecosystem. By bringing together artistic practice and environmental awareness, ecology becomes more diverse, fun, sensual and inclusive, generating knowledge and ability to change the future. In this conversation, the Pony Express will also talk about some of their projects, and read some love letters written by several visitors to their performances.
And for all those who want to express erotic-ecological impulses, the Australian duo will provide a unique opportunity, via three performances held throughout the week!

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