Rivoli – Café-Concerto
In Memory of Logobi, an Installation on Black Collective Amnesia in France

Aimé Césaire stated in Discourse of Colonialism : «For us, the choice is made. We are among those who refuse to forget. We are among those who refuse amnesia itself as a method.”
In order to unveil the narrative and timeliness of a deliberately forgotten story - that of a style of music which combines Belgian hard-tech with coupé-décalé, a genre of dance music originating from the Ivory Coast and the Ivorian diaspora in Paris - producer, DJ, writer and artist, CRYSTALLMESS, presents the multidisciplinary project In Memory of Logobi. In France, assimilation and colourblindness are institutionalised, and even though France has the highest black population in Europe, its contribution to club culture, or culture in general, is completely disregarded. In this performance, which includes a DJ-Set and an audiovisual composition (with videos, GIFs, archival images and 3D scans), the artist intends to establish a multidimensional mapping of Logobi, exploring the intersection between post-colonial alienation, technology and DIY culture and also the postmodern approach of ethnomusicology. Indeed, what is the causal link between the 1999 Ivorian coup d’état, the 2005 French riots, and the 2007 Techno Parade in Parisc? It is precisely here that the memory of Logobi reveals the intersection of events, the absence of historical coincidences.