Rivoli – Grande Auditório
No End of History: Slavery, Reparations and Justice

Chaired by

John Akomfrah

"The past is never dead. It's not even past," said the writer William Faulkner. And Danny Glover knows this to be a fact. With a career spanning over thirty years in film and television, Glover has distinguished himself as one of the most consummate actors of his generation, in films such as The Colour Purple or Lethal Weapon. However, it is perhaps off-screen where Glover's most important role has been played – as a humanitarian. Glover recently addressed the US Congress on the “moral, democratic and economic imperative” of instituting compensation for centuries of slavery, arguing that it is essential to fight for justice in this historic arena.

Currently serving as a UNICEF Ambassador, Glover is highly respected for his philanthropic actions and activism with various communities, focusing on questions of reparations, eradication of poverty, disease, and economic development in Africa, Latin America and, the Caribbean. Alongside John Akomfrah – artist, writer, director and one of the curators of Fórum do Futuro – Danny Glover will discuss social justice, diversity, activism, and global citizenship, drawing on his personal experience to nurture these contemporary issues and offer practical wisdom to new generations on building peace, unity, and democracy across racial, ethnic, and gender lines.

Simultaneous interpretation