Rivoli - Grande Auditório
Revolt in technopatriarchal times

Chaired by 

Nuno Crespo


What does it mean today to be transfeminist? Can we speak about feminism beyond the framework of identity politics of Western social democracy? What would be a feminism without men and women? What does it mean to speak of queer politics beyond the opposition between heterosexuality and homosexuality?

The philosopher, curator and writer, Paul B. Preciado will sketch a genealogy of the displacement from the patriarchal regime of sexuality, that a long philosophical tradition in the West has considered, since Classical Antiquity, to be of a natural and a-historical nature. Preciado, on the contrary, affirms that the patriarchal regime has evolved from its archaic origins through different configurations – such as the capitalist and colonialist system that developed with modernity – and today assumes a new form of a technopatriarchal regime dominated by pharmacopornographic technologies of power. How can we resist under this new configuration of power? The transfeminist critique understands the field of reproduction as the core of political control, but also of micropolitical action and resistance. In this talk – moderated by Nuno Crespo, philosopher, art critic and Director of the Escola das Artes (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) – Preciado advocates the creation of multiple and unexpected colour-queer-crip alliances, for a collective movement “in transition” not dedicated to the fabrication of identity, but rather to open fields of collective transformation.

Simultaneous Interpretation