Rivoli – Palco do Grande Auditório

Chaired by

Miguel Leal

Defending a project of “indigenisation of life”, the artist Ernesto Neto creates great multisensory environments through his works, transforming the public sense of art, inviting the viewer to take an active part in a harmonious space, open to spirituality and merging with the expression of nature. This is also a political gesture that rejects the Western artistic regime, dominated by money. In his words, “art is always spiritual and political (...), it guides and reflects our movement on earth. The spiritual being is the one who looks after himself, the politician is the one who looks after us. Between them, art sings, dances, plays, prays, acts.”

In this conversation, moderated by Miguel Leal, a visual artist and Professor at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Ernesto Neto will talk about how all these aspects are interconnected. His artistic practice explores the cosmology of indigenous peoples, where he finds the answers to environmental, economic and spiritual problems that threaten the present and future. Ernesto Neto guarantees that there is an urgent need for the “children of the earth, rivers, plants, apples, snakes, clouds”, to look after the health of our planet: “Don’t turn your back on the life of da da dada. I lived có có có. If you want the egg, look after the chicken, pet her, cherish our shared heart. Politics is spiritual. Politics wants light. Gold doesn't heal people. Only the sun brings lights, and sings and dances, and attracts water and drinks light. It transpires, transpires art, and the wind speaks, fuuuuu fuuuuu and the water dreams xiiiiiii gló gló gló”.