Palácio do Bolhão
The end of either / or – CANCELLED

Chaired by

Stanley Schtinter


Can human imagination and love make use of technology and medicine to explode the traditional binary structures of gender and identity? These issues have only recently gained space for public debate, but have been explored throughout he/r long career by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (1950, United Kingdom), a visionary artist and musician who describes himself/herself as a "cultural engineer". But let's drop the “ / ”.

In Genesis’ opinion, gender must be abolished – inner and outer radical transformation is fundamental for survival of the human species. Over recent years new expressions and identities, such as transgender or pangender, have proliferated. But do these new concepts constitute a step forward or just another chain that binds us to the idea of gender? In an incessant struggle to change the status quo, Genesis uses the pronoun "we", which is coherent with the more radical project, Pandrogyny, which the artist has developed with he/r late wife. Assisted by numerous surgical interventions, the two sought to physically and spiritually reunify their separate selves, creating a "third" being.

This conversation, moderated by artist and curator Stanley Schtinter, will be an exclusive opportunity to listen to Genesis. The debate will be followed by a performance that will explore the same themes.