Rivoli – Grande Auditório

Chaired by

Rita Natálio

We are currently experiencing one of the darkest periods in Brazilian history, with the death of the indigenous leader, Emyra Wajãpi, rampant deforestation and devastating fires in the Amazon. Bolsonaro seems to have the fate of the world's largest rainforest in his hands, as indigenous peoples are once again being driven from their lands. Being an indigenous person is today synonymous with resistance. How can people continue to resist?

The Fórum do Futuro invites two leading figures in the fight for indigenous rights and protection of the Amazon rainforest to take part in this conversation: Sônia Guajajara, currently one of the most prominent indigenous leaders and environmental activists – a member of the UN Human Rights Council and the first indigenous woman to run for vice-president on the presidential elections in Brazil – and visual artist Ernesto Neto, whose artistic practice has focused on the importance of a project of indigenisation. In this debate moderated by the artist Rita Natálio, they will discuss how it is essential for the voice of indigenous peoples to be heard and to play an active role in governance models. The Earth is the spirit and body of indigenous people – they have the knowledge to heal the forest and advance the struggle for a healthy planet. One glimmer of hope is the fact that the indigenous women's movement has grown exponentially over the past decade. Joênia Wapichan was the first indigenous woman to be elected a federal MP, and Nara Baré was the first woman to be elected Coordinator of COIAB (Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon).