Ateneu Comercial do Porto
Trajal Harrell


Considered to be one of the most important choreographers of his generation, Trajal Harrell’s artistic work is highly influenced by the plastic and philosophical universe of Antiquity, blending together highly different worlds – such as postmodern dance, voguing or Dionysian movements of the Greek theatre. In this edition of Fórum do Futuro, the choreographer will present two of his works: In the mood for Frankie and Antigone Jr. ++.

In the artist’s words “In the mood for Frankie spills out like a park of muses settled and unsettled between history and the imagination”. Like the choreographer’s other recent works, In the mood for Frankie continues his exploration of butoh dance, this time revolving around the figure of the muse, in the form of butoh dancer Yoko Ashikawa. The performance, presented on a catwalk, draws upon a diverse set of inspirations: including fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, singer Sade and filmmaker Wong Kar Wai. Composed and fragmented by islands, the catwalk is the meeting place in which movements and intentions are mixed and remixed, finally embracing new bodies and configurations.

Choreographer: Trajal Harrell
Dancers: Trajal Harrell, Thibault Lac, Ondrej Vidlar
Installation Design: Trajal Harrell
Lighting Design: Stephane Perraud
Soundtrack: Trajal Harrell
Costumes: Comme des Garçons, Anne Demeulemeester, Jean Paul Gaultier and the Performers
Company Manager: Jean Stephan Kiss
Technical Director: Alexander Symes

In the Mood for Frankie is commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York in co-production with Singapore International Festival of the Arts.