Museu de Serralves

Chaired by 

Ricardo Nicolau


In Antiquity, the new possibility of using written texts to transmit a memory for the future, profoundly transformed the notion of time and history. Since then we have been continually informed by the narratives of our ancestors. But what narratives are these, that determine our historical memories? What do they leave out and what is their truth?

Christian Boltanski, a French artist who works in the fields of photography, painting, sculpture and installation, has developed a unique oeuvre over the last five decades, which addresses universal issues such as loss, memory, childhood and death. His works often serve as memorials for key historical moments of major civilisational impact. In its relationship with the idea of monument, Boltanski’s work assumes a timeless character, linking together and blurring epochs as distant as antiquity and contemporaneity, in a constant challenge to the very idea of being up-to-date. In this talk, moderated by Ricardo Nicolau, senior curator and deputy to the director of Museu de Serralves, the celebrated artist will talk about his extensive oeuvre, and its relationship with the transmission of works, historical memory and knowledge.

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