Rivoli – Pequeno Auditório
We are here: “black lives and the matter of history”

Chaired by

Gareth Evans

John Akomfrah is one of Britain’s most politically committed and aesthetically ambitious artist and essay film-makers, whose profound engagements with migration, memory and the overlooked histories of (post)-colonial experience, give voice to marginalized Black identities and narratives both within the UK and globally.

Akomfrah has been making passionately felt and strikingly innovative, hybrid works across all forms of the moving image for more than three decades. His insightful reinvigoration of the iconography of art and the literary canon endow his oeuvre with an acute understanding of temporality and how cultural meaning is made and communicated. From his early pioneering collaborations as part of the Black Audio Film Collective to his current international standing as a gallery and installation artist, Akomfrah’s body of work provides hugely rewarding evidence of the successful meeting of art with politics, as this dialogue with Gareth Evans - writer, curator, presenter, producer and Film Curator at London's Whitechapel Gallery - will reveal.

Simultaneous translation.

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