Fórum do Futuro 2019 presents a debate and performance programme, involving different perspectives and practices, to propose a reflection on historical and current processes of cultural and territorial occupation.

The five hundredth anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world by Fernão de Magalhães inspired this year’s edition. Symbolically adopting the title Crossings/Travessias, Fórum do Futuro rethinks this journey and its wide-ranging multiple effects at a historical, political, and cultural level.

In this context, Fórum do Futuro’s sessions will foster reflection about systems of domination and liberation of individuals and other living beings on the planet – whose very existence is constrained and threatened by external forces and pressures.

The programme of Fórum do Futuro 2019, aimed at all audiences, was built upon concepts of alterity, appropriation, and extraction. Bringing together many key contemporary cultural figures and thinkers, Portuguese and international, this year's edition has been developed by a team of curators who have different research and cultural production practices: Filipa Ramos, editor of art-agenda (e-flux) and curator of Art Basel’s Film sector; Gareth Evans, cultural programmer and film curator at Whitechapel Gallery; Guilherme Blanc, director for Contemporary Art and Film of Ágora E.M. and artistic director of Fórum do Futuro; and John Akomfrah, writer, filmmaker, and artist.

Violence against people and nature, processes of subjugation and subordination, fighting for causes and opposing prejudice, solidarity between peoples and restoration of values of justice and dignity: these are the core issues of Fórum do Futuro 2019. The programme puts us at the heart of one of the most urgent and vital struggles that currently is, or should be, waged by the world, including Portugal.