The Fórum do Futuro is an annual project of lectures and performances that challenges thinkers from different disciplines and backgrounds to discuss urgent issues facing contemporary societies.

The 2018 edition of Fórum do Futuro will explore the presence of Antiquity in contemporary culture. It aims to create a public space for encounters, exchanges and negotiation (of identities, practices and languages) while simultaneously questioning the meaning of present-day Agoras. Antiquity - understood as a recurrent temporal framework, from which various aesthetic and ethical practices have reappeared in different periods of history - involves multiple territories, cultures, classes, histories and bodies.

The Fórum do Futuro (4-10 November) will address these themes, analysing the way that the rhythmic organisation of time transforms the canons of production of knowledge in art, science and culture. Has the cyclical study of Antiquity defined an irreplaceable model of historical-cultural development? Can we talk about global antiquities whose scientific, legal, and philosophical forms of knowledge diverge from the classical canon? Why does humanity constantly return to myth in order to explain and understand the world?

Based on various contributions - from the fields of literature, politics, architecture, astronomy, philosophy and visual arts - this year's Forum will examine the reach of Antiquity, by questioning its social, economic and cultural dimensions.